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Beaver Road Bantams / Chickens

                                 I raise Plymouth Rocks both Large Fowl and bantams in two varieties:

                   White and Barred

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Large fowl Barred Plymouth Rocks

I got my start in the large breed from Guy Roy of Springfield, Ma. in 2005. He has some of the nicest Rocks in the country in many varieties and I believe in starting with the best birds you can purchase. I raise Rocks for more than just exhibition, they are a great free range chicken, scavenging a lot of their own food and controlling the bug population. I've never had a mean one, they are pretty docile and follow me while doing chores or walking around my yard. The females lay tons of eggs but I only raise around 25 a year due to space constraints. The rest of the eggs we consume in the kitchen - there's nothing like farm fresh eggs. 

These guys are very hardy and handle the northeastern winters with ease. The only issue they have sometimes is frostbit combs. I don't keep any water inside coups because moisture can be a major contributor to frozen combs.  They have access to walk my yard everyday of the year but will stay out of the cold wind on their own. I do lock them up at night to keep them away from predators. Over all, I'd highly recommend this breed to anyone either exhibiting or backyard pets


Bantam Barred Plymouth Rocks


I have been raising Bantam Barred Rocks since 2003. My line orginates from Greg English.